Wayanad Weather

Wayanad experiences summer, a prolonged monsoon and winter seasons throughout the year. The summer season lasts from March to May with the temperate ranging from 29 ⁰C to 34 ⁰C, with very hot weather conditions. The monsoon season lasts from June to September due to the south-west monsoon, with extreme humidity conditions. The temperature is in the range of 27 ⁰C to 38 ⁰C and it is very hot during the day time due to rise in humidity. The north-west monsoon is experienced in the months of October and November. Landslides and thunderstorms, accompanied with heavy rainfall, are common during this season. The average rainfall received by this region in monsoon is 300 mm. Winter season lasts from December to February with the temperature ranging from 15 ⁰C to 25 ⁰C.